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by i.e. kokoro

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Route 38 03:05 video
Three chairs in a row Not sure I could say it's a metaphor But they weren't there before And sometimes they move Closer, then farther, then disappear Well, I'd like to dwell here A sentiment, a detached abstraction a flaccid distraction from all of the shit that I'm in There's a vacant car lot A capitalist story from old years of glory Of places we're not It's like a vessel of hope When the morning sun shines through I think I might find you I'm not sure if that's true On a gloomy day it's probably not what it seems But I choose to believe And I'll choose what I see When I want to see In the middle of the field There's a gnarled, lonely tree With back bent and limbs kneeling It's lost in time You took a picture of it once I said I thought it was nice I can hear it sometimes, singing: "Suffering comes and we're all marching on." I still hear it sometimes, singing: "Even when you take, I still have faith that you love" Now I'm here alone And I think that it's right And I've heard that it's right But I pray that I'm wrong Oh my God, am I wrong
River Run 02:56
Every sidewalk sweats to sleep And I am at the mercy of The hands that held my head and tied my feet When I was young Our brother slept strapped in tight While blood stains soaked the floor And dried to mark the outline of a form We knew before What was I supposed to say? What the hell was I supposed to do? I’m sorry for myself and damages on loan from you What was I supposed to gain? What else have we got less to lose? I’m sorry for myself and damages on loan from you (And every time I get lost inside of My mother eyes, they recognize That every time I’m a mess in my mind) Do not be afraid, my dear Of the sloped sad sidewalk song The memories fade into the cracks Of who we become Give us yet another round We’re drunk on what we don’t deserve I’m sorry for myself and the Sad sad lesson we learned (That every time I get lost inside of My mother eyes, they recognize That every time I’m a mess in my mind)
keep your children safe don't let them fade, don't let them die pray most everyday don't let the hours pass you by mother, i've done you wrong i've hurt myself, i've hurt someone father, was i too gone to save myself, to choose your son? make your paths be straight don't turn away, stand up and fight see, you've done ok now close your eyes, it'll be alright
O, sing ye hollow places the bodies without faces Crushed and muddled Huddled on cold summer streets O, sing ye hallowed buildings of steel, blood, and envy Brushed and buttoned Malign the blessed Trinity O, sing the old white city We dance upon the ashes And build again Forgetting where we've all come from O, sing ye tired choir Of flowers and of liars While children die We're making love to shopping malls O sing, city of dry bones Although your eyes are closed The world is bleeding in a bath While building castles in the snow And though a dawn may soon be coming It's a festival of thieves We drink this ignorance, a mother's breast Soft soap for all your needs But could the gates maintain to keep us? I'm not sure of what it means As young men battle in the towers A river's running underneath And if you're quiet you can hear it Far more certain than we know Raise up your rigid arms, my love Raise up your weary, rigid arms! O, sing ye bloody masses fragmented and alone Raise up your lilting, unsure voice Sing to the good unknown
We're molting underneath Stuffy undershirts You're up for anything That isn't going to hurt In the summer '99 Hid our feathers underground You put your thumb in my eye To wipe the glint out Six years later found we Joined with the rancid holy Baked bread, gave birth Told old stories I kept my secrets close It isn't what it seems At least that's what we say Tarred in feathers, change our names It all ends up the same Ten years later found we Joined with the ranks of the unholy Baked bread, we die Sold our sad stories And you in all your glory Turn your face from me
The Lakefill 05:07
willow with me don't fall behind all that you see is losing i want to keep everything would you keep me from losing folded in mass unconscious and insolent our feet dangling above i am unreal i want to feel all of the things i'm losing sakura, pedagogue, teach! pray intervene our losing did you hear me over the bleating poets who plead "we're losing" covered in glass father impermanent fragile and dancing around broken and blasted mother of transience bodies, water abound flower of me naked and freezing absence, sacred abide i am unreal i want to feel all of the things i'm losing i am unreal i want to feel all of the things i'm losing im trying to make sense of these places these worn out spaces they keep me up at night i try i try i try


Through semi-biographical songs, EPHEMERA explores what it means to have "place" and what it means to be without. Each song is based on a location or space that has held significance for i.e. kokoro. But it is more than nostalgia. It's an attempt to bring awareness of the phenomena of place and placelessness, born from the desire to reclaim a sense of belonging in a world of anonymity and estrangement.


released October 14, 2016

All songs by Kelly Reed ©2016
Produced by Bob Davidson & Kelly Reed
Engineered & mixed by Invigorate Recording

Vocals, keys, synth: Kelly Reed
Guitar, bass, drums: Nick Stetina


all rights reserved



i.e. kokoro Chicago, Illinois

i.e. kokoro is Chicago-based musician, Kelly Reed. With crafted lyrics and thoughtful compositions, her musical sensibilities have been likened to artists such as Emily Haines, Susanne Sundfør, and Cat Power. Her music explores the complexities of what it means to be human, creating sonic landscapes that deal in the universal experiences of truth, pain, loss, love and, ultimately, hope. ... more

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